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Chicken Pox Early Stages Picturestoddler Symptoms For Chicken Pox?

Symptoms for Chicken Pox? - chicken pox early stages picturestoddler

My children, aged 13 to 7 years, both have been vaccinated against chickenpox. Apparently, chicken pox is going around the area where I live. A friend has just discovered that her daughter chickenpox and a woman who said she found they are 2 nieces and took the vaccine. My 7-year-old has a fever and said he felt obliged to stop, it was the other symtons. It could be that the fight against something else, but what symtons chickenpox, what am I looking for) in an early stage (in addition to breaking the skin?


Jason Homan said...

Hello Dazed and Confused,
If your children aged 13 to 7 years, both have been vaccinated against chickenpox - you can without fear. The vaccine is very safe: about 5% of the children, the vaccine rash or fever get, but no deaths were reported in May 2006.

Chickenpox is a common name for varicella simple, classic, one of the childhood infectious diseases caught and survived by most children.

Chickenpox is by the varicella-zoster virus occurs. It begins with mild fever and characteristic places in the bottom two or three waves, mainly in the body and head, instead of the hands and itching more and more raw materials smallpox (variola), small wounds that heal without scarring is at its maximum. Please read section ...

Second varicella infections occur in immunocompetent persons, but are rare and seldom serious.
Jason Homan

dymond said...

Fever and nausea, apathy, itching before the break is real common.Sore throat can also be a symptom, it is usually to some thirst before hand.

lynnepet... said...

The symptoms of chickenpox (varicella)

There are usually no symptoms before the rash occurs but occasionally there is fatigue and some fever within 24 hours before the account of the eruption. The rash usually goes through a series of steps:

1. First, it appears as flat red splotches
2. They are triggered, and look like small buttons in May
3. Are small blisters called vesicles, which are very sensitive
4. You can look like water droplets on a red base
5. Since the rupture of vesicles, ulcers and pustules form a crust - the crust made of dried serum, and the pus is not true. Itching is severe in the pustular stage.

The blisters usually appear in crops within two to six days. (This is an important distinction from smallpox, which may be similar lesions, chicken pox, but they are all on the same stage.) All the steps can be present in the same area. Often they appear on the scalp and mouth, then spread to the rest of the body, but can start at any time. They are more numerous on the shoulders, chest and back. No maand only a few lesions or there are hundreds May At patients with pre-existing eczema, lesions appear in May eczema flares.

The doctor should be called if the rash is an eye, if fever) over 103, where a lot of vomiting or signs of bacterial infection (such as a green or yellow discharge from sores or blisters with red streaks radiating outwards. Go to the emergency room if shortness of breath, which shows a possible pneumonia, or if the person is confused, disoriented, ataxia (uncertain), is having convulsions or neurological symptoms. When searching for a doctor, I remind the providers of health care to provide that your child may have chickenpox appropriate isolation policies can be taken to avoid further exposure.

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