Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Turn Off Iomega My Ext. Hard Drive Wont Turn Off Properly.?

My ext. hard drive wont turn off properly.? - how to turn off iomega

I have a G3 Pismo, a clone Iomega Mini Max HD Ext; HD for backups. Permantly I leave it plugged in, because I use a partition on my iTunes and iPhoto Lib lib.
When I "Wake The Mini-Max G3 ups and turns on automatically when I put the G3 to sleep, he died (Blue Line, the light ).... (Normal)
If you are from a cloned ext.HD everything seems to work faster a litttle. Take (More space, I), but if I), the G3 blue "standby" line (of course, turn does'nt ... But "reasonable noise" seems to be extinguished.
When I turn the ordinary light is based .... Is this normal? and if not, how do I change my set up to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance

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