Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Color Should A Bearded Dragon Ear Be Color Of Bearded Dragon?????

Color of bearded dragon????? - what color should a bearded dragon ear be

My bearded dragon is about 3 months ... prteety HES coffee, but has some orange and yellow camp .... HES said, especially after a shed was 2 .... Is there a way to know whether HES will be completed .... and less brown ... hes one more time ... him and the light when it ??.... in full light would be planted It also features a very bright orange under his "ear holes" is an indicator of something?

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robert said...

bearded usually keep the same color in her life, but in May, lose color with age. There are several subspecies of bearded dragons with all colors and patterns of marking. As for the orange on the ears, a coincidence ...

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