Monday, February 8, 2010

Chicken Pox Pictures Early What Are The Early Signs Of Chicken Pox?

What are the early signs of chicken pox? - chicken pox pictures early

as a rash that starts at the mouth and a fever of 100 or more that my daughter had a fever all day yesterday and HIG 102.6 to 100.8 and then broke down in this rash around the mouth, chin and nose area so that we break the fever, but today I realized that the rash is now raising the cheeks and a friend came and said today that her daughter had chickenpox and Friday at my house and my daughter came with him, he sat down and told me this Sunday, so please inform me it is a sign of chickenpox, and so, if anyone knows where I can find a picture of her, I can with my baby who is less than 4 children at home and only 1 comparison, the chicken pox, but all have the vaccination, because everything I can to help

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