Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Bright Is 30 Lumens Will My Projector Be Bright Enough? How Do I Tell?

Will my projector be bright enough? How do I tell? - how bright is 30 lumens

Configuration is about 30-40 meters from the screen. The lights are. There are many windows, but we are wooden shutters for them. I am looking to do a projector with 2700 ANSI lumens? If not, then I need? Thank you in advance.

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Daniel K said...

Nick - First you must understand that most projectors not good at that distance with no special projector lens work. You need what is called a stroke of "long" lens. Otherwise, the projected image will be very important - probably larger than the screen area that you are considering. The basic rule for most projectors is that the width is 2 / 3 of the distance between the projector and screen.

In 30 feet of the statue is 20 meters wide

A 40-meter screen 27 meters wide

Is it true that the big screen?

There are special glasses that you can buy that you can mount the projector so far, but the simplest solution is often mount the projector on the ceiling and down and just run power and video cables to the projector.

In addition, you want something light on the surface of the screen as possible with a projector. If there is a light at the surface of the screen image is bad, no matter how bright your projector.

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