Monday, February 22, 2010

Pre Teens Inde Good College For A Professional Actor?

Good college for a professional actor? - pre teens inde

Hello, I'm 16 years old and I started to look at the universities. I like to play, in fact I am booking paid jobs and a supporting role (not individuals) in two films and favorites and had a supporting role in other short films / movies, too, India. I wonder what bothered me to continue to work in school? Once I was a big fan of the theater, but the problem is the theater and film acting is not easy to mix (although I never had any problems prior to the changes inside and outside). Moreover, one can not learn to act in a natural way. Most of the questions I have seen, to become an actor and actress in the school came from ... well, want to be inexperienced tweens the next big thing. So I guess the general question: Should I worry'm pinching action at schoolmore than one way, and if so, which schools are acting a good film. Thank you!


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If you're going his SAG card before graduation have (I think you have) must go to LA does not want the university. His youth is the most valuable asset and will graduate college to have disappeared when you go to college. You can always take a degree later if you need to feel. Do not tell me where you are. To begin, plans to continue his career after leaving school. Perhaps the theater and cinema do not mix in the school, but as a professional, you can do it. But starting a project at a time, and to ensure that everyone is a good for you, at this time .. To take part of his life as an actor and vocational courses, not so much learning to do, but to infiltrate the network and working life. I write and numerous articles about how she started as an actor in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that if they are, has a great future as an actor. I've got another tip for you on the schools, something to read, and therefore, ifare interested.

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